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Do you have photo booths available?

We do have a selection of photo booths available.

We have Open Air style booths, PhotoBooth Enclosures, Digital selfie booths, the Magic Mirror PhotoBooth and our Photo Lounge.


You can find some more information online at


Our photo booths can be rented on their own, or we can add them to any of our wedding photography packages.


Contact us for pricing for your next event.

How many pictures come with a wedding photography package?

This is a very common question that we are asked.  

We do not have set a number pictures for our wedding photography packages, because the number of pictures depends one your day.  Each wedding is unique and different in it's own way.  All of your planning and details are reflected in the number of pictures.  

We capture the moments as they happen, and not worry about our picture count through out the day.


We've found that when a photographer sets a minimum number of pictures to be included in a photography package, they tend to take extra pictures to make sure they exceed that minimum. 

We want to present you the best representation of your day, not just a pile of pictures to exceed a minimum quantity.



Do you offer the wedding video on DVD?

We no longer include DVD videos in our wedding video packages for a few reasons.

As video quality continues to get better and better, people become accustom to the full HD quality resolution. DVDs are not HD quality resolution, and so they tend to be lower than expect.  When possible, if requested, a DVD can be made from the HD quality video, but it is not included in the video package.

Another reason that we have stopped including DVDs is that it would seem DVD players are simply becoming less and less popular.  People tend to still have the player, but it often not connected to their TV.


Our wedding videos are sent to you on a USB flash drive.  These can be played on computers and most smart TVs.


Our Video Package can be added to any Roma Pictures wedding photography packages.


Contact us with any questions or to reserve your wedding date.

The Basic - Wedding Photography Package

The Basic photography package gets a lot of questions.  People wonder how or why we can offer a wedding photography package for such a low price.  

The Basic goes back to the core of why we started Roma Pictures.  Offering couples an affordable wedding photography option while providing high quality service is what we are all about.  The Basic was always meant to be a starting point.  Whether you're not sure what options you want or not sure on your budget, we suggest reserving your date with The Basic.  This guarantees that your wedding day memories will be photographed.  

Wedding photography packages can be upgraded at any time, even after the wedding.

When we photograph a wedding, we capture the moments and details of the day no matter which photography package is selected.


The beginning of Roma Pictures.

Roma Pictures was started in 2008 to offer an affordable wedding photography option for couples in the NWI Region and the Chicago area.   We had heard too many times that couples were going to trust a friend or family member to capture the pictures of their big day, only to be let down by the results.   No matter how big or small your wedding day is, it's a day to remember, and we want to be there to capture those memories.  Northwest Indiana is our primary coverage area, but we are happy to travel outside of the NWI Region for your wedding photography needs.

We have created wedding photography packages to cover a wide range of options, but if you don't see the perfect package for you, just let us know and we will create one to fit your day. 


Our goal is to capture the moments of your day, that will become your memories of tomorrow.  


Contact us today, to get started on planning your wedding photography.


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